Felt n Folk Website Creation

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Felt n Folk Website Creation


felt n folk website and store

I built this page for my wife and mother-in-law's crafting business so they could have a platform to sell their items directly. Etsy didn't fully fit their needs, so a custom online presence and storefront was needed.

Every year Felt n Folk participates in Craft Lake City, a massive DIY festival of local artists. In the days following the event, they wanted to convert the foot traffic from their booth to their website where they could sell their remaining inventory. This was achieved by creating product price tags that were also business cards (which I designed.)

This turned out to be an excellent strategy, as we found out that many of the customers were either repeat buyers from the fair, or family members/friends who saw the product. The product tag drove them to the website where additional sales were made.

This website was built using 11ty, and the online store is powered by Snipcart.