Gym on Main Website Redesign

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Gym on Main Website Redesign

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I built this website as part of a fun trade with Mollie, the gym owner. I had just moved to the area and was living the #vanlife with my wife and daughter. We really wanted a decent shower (as well as a place to workout) and I wanted to meet some of the local business leaders, so I met with Mollie and proposed a trade - an indefinite gym membership in exchange for a new website and streamlined sign-up process for customers. The additional business would make it more than worth it, and I got something I needed in exchange.

The project ended up becoming a lot more than just a website. I consulted quite extensively with Mollie on the technology and business processes she was using for sign-up, product sales, memberships, payment processing, etc. and made some recommendations for things she could do to minimize the amount of time she had to spend on menial tasks, so she could work less and spend more time with her members as a trainer and helper.

This ended up being a fun and challenging project, and I met a great new friend as a result. Mollie and I have worked on other projects since then, and we continue to meet occasionally as part of the Parowan City Chamber of Commerce.

I built this site using Jekyll, NetlifyCMS, and integrated the sign-up, contract signing, and obtaining a gym key using Square Appointments. This works well as it provides a single solution for appointment scheduling for both her and her business partner. They both provide fitness consultations, wellness consultations, and new member appointments, so Square is able to manage this all for them. In addition, I've integrated all their workflows into a G Suite business account, which I set up for them.

Not only does Gym on Main have a new website, but also a much more efficient business as a result!