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my personal website

I originally built this homepage back in 2012-ish, and wish I had kept archives or screenshots of the older versions! The current iteration went live in 2017.

There are great platforms like dribbble and Behance that I thought were better at handling work examples and acting as a portfolio of my work. As a result, I redesigned my website with the intent to make it an "online resume" rather than a standard portfolio website.

My goal with it is to show myself in a full, transparent, and personal light to potential employers. I also designed an "offline" PDF resume that reflected the layout and style, making a cohesive personal branding experience for those who were reviewing my application.

I also created a personal blog along with the site. The site is a static site hosted with GitHub Pages, and the blog is powered by Jekyll. This was my first foray into the wonderful world of JAMstack!