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In my spare time (ha-ha) I like to work on and drive old Toyotas. I've been obsessed with 80's and 90's Toyota vehicles, from the Land Cruiser to the MR2, since I was a kid. One such vehicle I've owned for a few years now is a 1987 4WD Toyota Van. It's my "adventure vehicle" that has taken me on many camp-outs, up the coast of California, and all over Utah. I have spent an absurd amount of time working on it and digging through the ToyotaVanTech forums.

During this process, I discovered a passion for this new hobby. I also realized that these vans have no aftermarket, parts are hard to find, and the van itself can be incredibly difficult to work on (especially for a new shadetree mechanic like myself.) As a result, I decided to give back to the community that helped me so much in fixing pretty much everything on my van.

My goal with this site was to provide very detailed, simple to understand, step-by-step write ups of common repairs and maintenance procedures on the van, as well as other helpful information including links to tools, parts, and products. I've received a lot of positive feedback from people that I've helped and that have praised the layout of the site!

Moving forward, if I ever find more of that "free time" I mentioned, I'd like to add more stories, interviews, and work with other van members to put out more content besides just write-ups. I'm also hoping to add a store for used parts and merch once I've established an audience, so that I can help provide exposure for those people who are contributing what few products are out there for these vans.

This site is built with 11ty, and the store (currently in building phase) will be powered with Snipcart. NetlifyCMS is also integrated for guests to author new posts.