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The Sweet Tour Marketing Site

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As part of my work with Gym on Main and the Parowan Chamber of Commerce, I discovered a need for a landing page as part of their city marketing campaign.

The members of the local chamber had set up this campaign a year or two prior, and put up billboards along I-15, urging passers-by to stop in Parowan and take "The Sweet Tour" and experience "The Best Cinnamon Rolls in the West." The problem they faced however, was that many people exited and weren't sure where to go, so they were missing a lot of the traffic that they were driving into town. Fortunately a lot of local business got on board and created signs out front so when people drove past they would see where they could go to try different all the different businesses' rolls.

To help further, I volunteered my services. I suggested that a sign rider be added to the billboard and that we needed to be pointing customers to a website where they could quickly see a list of businesses that served cinnamon rolls and pull up directions. Additionally, I added other marketing/tourism items to the site so once they were in Parowan, we could provide additional things to do and see. This helped retain people longer in town where they could spend more money and boost the local economy.

The campaign was a huge success and is ongoing! Before, Parowan was just a sleepy town you drove past and at best stopped for gas. Now, many of the businesses are selling more rolls than they can handle. The additional links and information on the website directs people to the Parowan visitor center, and helping people see what Parowan has to offer.

This website was built using 11ty. I continue to update and maintain the website as needed as a volunteer on behalf of the city Chamber of Commerce.