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Utah Tax Increases Website


I was approached by Connor Boyack out of the blue one day, who I had met years before at a Young Americans for Liberty conference where he spoke. Connor is president of the Libertas Institute, a non-profit organization in Utah that advocates for limited government and taxation on behalf of the state's citizens.

Connor previously built a site called Utah's Freest Cities, which ranks individual freedom in the top 50 cities in Utah based on a number of factors and collected data.

Connor explained to me that with every tax increase, advocates of the tax always argue that "its only a tenth of a percent increase", or some small amount that wouldn't deprive taxpayers in anyway from their heard-earned cash. However, like death by a thousand cuts, when you look at these taxes over time it amounts to a significant tax burden for the individual to be shouldering with every paycheck! After tirelessly accumulating and analyzing 20 years worth of data, he wanted to present this data on behalf of the research done by the Libertas team. The tool he had in mind would allow any Utah citizen to input their address and get back a clear picture of how much their taxes have increased over time, providing them with an instantaneous level of transparency. If every Utah citizen could see how much all those hundreds of small tax increases add up, perhaps Utahn's would be more actively involved in opposing new taxes and helping preserve their ability to earn and save for the future instead of feeding the endless spending appetite of the legislator.

This site is built with React and is currently under construction. We plan to launch the site in July. Stay tuned!